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How to use SKU Science
How to use SKU Science

You will find in this collection articles to use certain features

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⏩ SKU Science TutorialThis article is a step-by step tutorial to help you get the best out of SKU Science.
📈 How to use the "Forecast Edition" tabThis article explains how multi-level demand forecasting work
📚 How to use "Reports"This article explains how to use reports on SKU Science
🔤 Understanding and defining ABC classesThis article describes how to set ABC class parameters to define priorities
🔮Understanding and defining XYZ classesThis article describes how to set XYZ class parameters.
🗂️ Use ABC classes to prioritize your articlesThis article describes the interest of using ABC classes to be efficient
🚀 Why and how to create a forecast at an aggregate levelThis article describes how to improve forecasts by calculating them at a higher level.
🎯 How to improve your performance with forecast KPIsThis article explains how to display and understand forecast KPIs.
🌐 How to reset your account (and your database)This article details the process to delete all SKUs
📝How to edit, delete or add custom fieldsThis article describes the management of custom fields
😷 Counterbalance COVID-19 effectsThis article describes how to correct forecasts automatically using a dedicated function
🚀 How to compute all forecasts at onceThis tutorial describes how to update all sales forecasts
🔎 How to use filtersThis article describes the use of filters in views, families and reports
🔬 The two methods to calculate the KPIs for your forecasts.Choose between two calculation methods for comparing forecasts to actual demand in aggregated KPI analysis.
📈 Choose the charts to displayThis article explains the options available for adding different curves to compare them with your forecasts.