The idea here will be to configure SKU Science to focus on class A products, and to sort all the products or families according to their weight defined in turnover, cost, margin, or quantity. Indeed the A products are the most important, the B come next, and finally the C are normally the least representative of your activity. To modify ABC classification according to your business needs, you can read this article.

Using the 2 fields, “Class ABC” and “ABC%”, it is very easy to filter on each class of items and sort according to the weight of each item. SKU Science makes it easy to identify articles on which it is important to focus.

Filters and sort options can be set up in different tabs:

  • the Navigator (you will then have to create a view or edit the default view)

  • the three tabs Forecast Edition, KPIs, and Dashboards (just define filters using the Filters button in the menu and click on the column headers to sort).

An example for the Navigator and another for the three other tabs are detailed in the next two parts.

View priority items in the Navigator

Creation of a view containing only the class A items

Here we are going to create a new view showing only class A items, sorted in descending order of ABC weight.

Click on the "Navigator" tab, then "Create new view ...".

Click on "Add filter". A first filter then appears.

In the drop-down menu where "Select a field" is displayed, choose "General" then "ABC class".

In the second drop-down menu, choose "matches" then "A" in the third.

Then, just click on "Refresh preview" to see a preview of the view.

Now let's add the ABC percentage column to the view.

Click on the "Fields" tab, then on the "+" next to "ABC %".

Finally, sort the view by ABC weight.

Click on the "Sort" tab.

Choose "descending" from the first drop-down menu, then "ABC %" from the second.

Enter a name for your view in the field at the top left and click on the "Save view ..." button.

We get a view focusing on class A items, with the items with the greatest weight first in the list.

Sort the priority items in the Forecast Edition, KPIs and Dashboards tabs

It is also possible to view "ABC %" when the data is aggregated in the "Forecast Edition" tab. This allows you to instantly sort the aggregations according to their importance to your business and thus better analyze your data.

Click on the "Forecast Edition" tab.

Click on the "ABC %" column header. The elements (or aggregations) are now sorted in descending order of ABC weight.

As with views, you can also limit your working set to class A.

Click on the "Filters" button, then on "Add filter". Create the filter in the same way as in a view.

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