In order to customize views, families, or reports, you need to create filters to select values in the fields of interest. The interface of a filter is always as below.

Start by clicking "Add filter"

The first filter labeled "Filter 0" will be displayed

In the first cell where "General \ Name" appears, you can directly enter the first letters of the field, or search for a field by clicking on the drop-down menu.

In our case, we will select the "Location" of storage, and look for all SKUs in Paris.

Then click on "Refresh preview" to see an update of the view.

Hence, we select all the SKUs in Paris. Now let's add to our selection all "London" based SKUs. Just add a new filter.
Click on "Add Filter" again. You get a new filter called "Filter 1" under "Filter 0".

Now we are going to filter the SKUs located in "London", but looking only at the first letters "Lond" in the field location.

Then you have to choose how to combine the different filters between them.

Choose "AND" and click "Refresh preview" to update the result.
You do not get any results because a SKU cannot be at the same time in Paris and London, since our field only takes one value.
Now choose "OR" and click "Refresh preview". Here you get the list of SKUs located in Paris or London. We have 30 elements now versus 14 previously.

Another way to achieve the same result is to use a logical combination. Boolean operators must be used at this time. All combinations are possible using "AND", "OR" and parentheses for complex expressions.

The syntax of an operation could thus be written (0 OR 1) AND (2 OR 3).
Do not hesitate to contact us via the interface of the tool in case of problems or if you have any questions.

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