In addition to data already present on the platform following the calculation of your forecasts, you can view your annual budget on the various dashboards. By default, you will have this type of dashboard before you have uploaded your budget.

Your budget should be set at the same level as your lower-level forecasts.

At item level, you must provide a budget per item, at item customer level you must provide a budget per item customer.

The budget file is expressed in quantity, which will allow visualizing the dashboards in quantity and in financial data.

Your file must also be aligned with your fiscal year.

If you repeatedly upload a file covering the same periods, the previous data will be overwritten for the corresponding periods. So you can experiment without any problem.

Upload the budget file

Click on the gear icon, then select Data import wizard.

Then click on the Upload budget... button.

Select your file and the tab corresponding to your budget in the file.

Check the file format

As when uploading sales data, the platform analyzes your file to identify dates. Here our header contains a "Part number" column and the rest of the columns contain dates.

As with previous uploads, make sure the date and number formats are recognized.

If the platform does not do it automatically, make sure to map fields properly. Here we associate the column of the "Part number" located in the file with the "Part number" field already existing on the platform.

In this example, forecasts on the platform were defined at the item level. Therefore, we must ensure that this default choice is the one offered by the platform, to map each budget line with the corresponding article on the platform.

Check the upload summary before confirming

The platform displays a summary before confirming the file upload.

View your budget on the different dashboards

Once the upload is complete, you will find your budget data represented by the green line, on the various dashboards. Note that budget data are also available in reports.

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