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Add or upload data to SKU Science
💲 Add financial data to SKU Science
💲 Add financial data to SKU Science
This article describes how to easily get your revenue, costs and profit
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Do you want to customize your environment in order to use the financial functions of the platform?

Here's how.


Three financial fields are present by default in the database.

  1. Item cost

  2. Item selling price

  3. Profit (calculated automatically from the first two)

For the moment, the platform only manages one value for each field, so you have to enter an average price, and not a price per period.

These fields are visible for each item in the "General information" tab


To obtain values ​​in these fields, simply enter Item cost and Item selling price in your file for each item in your account.


Once the file is saved in Excel or in CSV, you just need to upload it to the platform by mapping the two columns in the fields of the database.

As you can see below, our file containing no date, we have deselected the first box. If you are importing quantities at the same time, you can of course leave this box selected.

Then simply associate the fields of the header with the SKU Science fields.

Confirm the upload, and you will find for each article and at any level the three fields filled in for your forecasts and in the reports.

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