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📝How to edit, delete or add custom fields
📝How to edit, delete or add custom fields
This article describes the management of custom fields
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The creation of custom fields can be done in two places on the platform.

  • Directly during the file upload procedure.

  • Using the custom field editor, also allowing the modification or deletion.

A dedicated interface on the platform

To access the dedicated interface, click on the gear icon, located in the upper right part of the tool.

Then click on "Custom fields" to access the database menu.

Then, you access this interface, where the platform lists all existing fields.

Click on “Create custom field”

Enter a name for the field
Choose a type “Text” or “number”
Indicate to which category the field belongs
Finally indicate if this field has units

Click "Confirm" to create the field.

At this point you should see it appear in the table.

If you click on a SKU, you will also see this field in the “General information” section

The next time you will upload data, you will find this field directly in the list of available SKU Science fields. You will be able to make an association between a field of your file and this field available in the database.

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