Do you want to customize your environment in order to use aggregations and multi-level forecasts?

Then you should be aware that it is possible to create custom fields or update them.

This article describes how to fill in custom fields to host information specific to your activity in your SKU Science environment.
Note that you can upload custom fields (subject of this article) with sales or forecast data (subject of a dedicated article) in a single action.
However in this article we will focus on the case of custom fields only.


There are two types of fields, those already defined in the SKU Science database, and those that you can define for your needs.

SKU science fields (general & finance)

Here is the list of some fields already available on the platform and visible in the "General information" section of each item.
You only need to associate certain columns of your files with these fields to assign your values to these fields and see them on SKU Science.

Note that an additional "Profit" field is visible on each item. This information is automatically calculated by the platform from the sale price and the cost of each item. It is therefore not possible to import a value on it.

Custom fields

You can customize your environment by creating custom fields. There are two ways to do this.

To load new data, click on the gear icon located at the top right of the tool.

Then click on "Import Wizard" to access the import options.

Click the "Upload SKU data ..." button.

File selection

Select the Excel or CSV file to upload.

Import parameters

As with the first upload, the wizard tries to detect dates in your file and to associate some of our fields with your data.

If the wizard detects dates in the header of the file, it will display the table below to avoid interpretation errors during the upload.

If your file does not contain any date and you just want to fill in fields on the platform, it is possible that the option "My file contains dates" is checked by mistake, depending on the content of your file.

In this case, uncheck the box, in order to allow the assignment of your fields to the platform fields in the "Map fields" section.

On the right side, in the "SKU Science Field" section, you can choose how to map the field of your file with a field of the platform, if the matching is not done automatically.

In the "SKU Science field" column you have the option for each header of your Excel or CSV file:

  • not to import the field ("Do not import")

  • to associate a field of your file with an existing field in the database

  • to create a new custom field in the database ("Add custom field ...")  

In the latter case, the following window will appear.

If you decide to add a new field, you will find in the second part of this article information on how to proceed.
Finally, click on "Confirm" to start the upload process.

Upload confirmation

Once the upload task is completed, you should normally find in your articles that the information is correctly populated.
If you face any issue at this stage, please contact us via the platform interface or at

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