You will find below the 2 steps necessary to make your first upload successful and get your forecasts in a few clicks.

First of all, note that the first import wizard is a special version of the import wizard accessible on our platform. This version resets the demo database and therefore erases all SKUs present in the database. This first import wizard only allows to download sales/demand data, while the standard version allows you to upload many other information specific to your business.
You should also know that by default your account is capped at 100 SKUs on the platform, even if your file contains many more references. If you wish to increase this limitation of your account you must take a paid subscription.

The tool then launches the import process, which may take some time depending on the size of your import. A file consolidated by period will be faster to import than a file of customer orders that must be consolidated.
For example, currently a file of 80,000 customer order lines can take up to 89 seconds to be imported.
You will receive a notification by email, once the import is complete with a status.

If everything goes well you should be able to see your data when you click on a SKU.
A first forecast will also be computed and displayed for this SKU.
If you face any issue at this stage, please contact us via the platform interface or at

If the result on one SKU seems correct you can now compute all your forecasts at once.

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